Monday 23 December 2013

Top 10 Free HD Wallpapers of 2013 By Bing

Bing a search engine not much popular like Google but they own some great things like everyday they welcome visitors with a new amazingly beautiful and eye catching images on Bing homepage. In the third week of August 2013 their photo contest also reflects their adequate attention towards visuals. In a Bing photo contest they invited all interested folks with their best hometown photographs to participate in order to make a chance to see their photo featured on Bing homepage with other exciting bumper prizes.

top 10 wallpapers 2013

Now Bing has released top 10 wallpapers of 2013 featured on Bing homepage. These all top 10 wallpapers are of high quality, free to download and can also be use as desktop screen savers. You can download Microsoft's Bing wallpapers pack and screen saver directly from this link (download size: 13 MB) without search bar.

The pack will include following wallpapers,

top 10 wallpapers 2013

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Captions for all images respectively are:

1. North Avenue Beach on Lake Michigan, Chicago
2. New Croton Dam in Croton, New York
3. Fly Geyser near Black Rock Desert , Nevada
4. Aerial view of Gardens by the Bay and the Super Trees, Singapore City, Singapore
5. Aerial view near Ocean Drive in Newport, Rhode Island
6. Boats and people relax on a sandbar, Kaneohe Bay, Oahu, Hawaii
7. Charco de los Ciclos (also known as “Green Lagoon”) on Lanzarote, Canary Islands, Spain
8. Lulworth Cove along Jurassic Coast, England
9. Mount Shasta, California
10. Mangrove seen from underwater, Aldabra, Seychelles

Keep in mind that Google has stopped supporting customize background images. So now you may apply your desired images as background in Google homepage only by installing third parties extensions to browser.

Bing also mentioned that these top 10 popular wallpapers of 2013 are from all around the world and picked up on the basis of user interaction.
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