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Top 20 Tech's Of 2013 On Techij

I have written few hundred articles on Techij in the year 2013 which was ended just now. In this post I have decided to pull out the top 20 articles which got a maximums hits that came from search engines and then from social media networks, naturally. For your ease I have distributed the list of most popular technologies of 2013 in four major categories; Best Collections, Gadgets, How To tutorials, Mobile phones and Tablets. Besides the posts the another interesting thing in the following list is that in each category the most popular article is somehow belong to smartphones. Must check the list yourself;

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5 Best Collections Of 2013

  1. 21 Most Funny iPhone Wallpapers Free
  2. 5 Best Cheapest Android Phones Under 100 USD
  3. 10 Best UFC Wallpapers HD For iPhones
  4. Best Cute iPhone 5 Cases For Girls
  5. Best Cute iPhone 5 Cases For Girls

Top 5 Gadgets of 2013

  1. Rhino Shield | World Best Screen Protector For Smartphones and Tablets
  2. World's Thinnest Watch | CST-01
  3. Retro Nokia 3310 Smartphone Case For iPhone 4/4S and 5
  4. Ring Clock | A Modern Finger Watch For Men's And Women's
  5. New Spell Check Pen for Hand Written Grammatical Mistakes | Lernstift

Top 5 How To's Tutorials of 2013

  1. How To Listen And Record Samsung Galaxy S3 Radio
  2. Best Online Hearing Test Free To Check Ears Age In Seconds
  3. How to Send Automatic Direct Messages To New Twitter Followers | Thanks4Follow
  4. How Key Fob Works | Can I Unlock Other Cars With My Remote
  5. How to Customize YouTube Channel Like a Partner with New Layout

5 Best Mobiles and Tabs of 2013

  1. Samsung Galaxy Round Specs And Curve Advantages
  2. New Nokia Asha 210 Dual Sim | Low Price Cellphone Review
  3. 1 Pound Phone | Worlds Cheapest Mobile Phone | Alcatel One Touch 232
  4. New Nokia 108 and Nokia 108 Dual Sim Low Cost Phones
  5. Nabi XD Tablet Review

However, you can see top trending post of each month (last 30 days) in sidebar under popular techs.
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