Saturday 15 February 2014

OLX: Where Buyers and Sellers Meet.

If you love shopping online then you are surely going to love If you would like to sell your old stuffs and make some money by sitting at home then all you have to do is visit OLX and create your ads. OLX is the choice of many users worldwide.

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OLX not only help sellers and buyers but also helps people in getting job offers. Yes, you can also find latest jobs in OLX India. And I think that’s an awesome work done by OLX. They are providing employment.

Olx is having a connection with 96 countries all over the world. Olx started long back in the year 2006 and continued to gain popularity through it’s quality, but the company didn’t stopped there. They promoted themselves with many more ways, like it started working onTV campaigns on 2011.  Their ads are too much fun.

Selling on OLX:

Olx authorizes the sellers to sell stuffs by posting ads on the site completely without any cost. Till date, Olx ensured to help many sellers to meet their buyers. It is a kind of place where you can sell everything whether from a bi-cycle to a car or from home furniture to rent housing by posting just one classified ad without any charge.

Buying Stuffs from OLX:

You can buy mobile phones, electronics, vehicles, get apartments for rent etc..Women can also buy beauty products and other household stuffs. Even jewellery, books and watches are also available over there.

Benefits of OLX:

  1. Free ad placement for sellers.
  2. Best way to meet buyers.
  3. Easy to use and work with.
  4. Provides jobs and other services.
  5. Sell literally anything.
  6. Buy variety of stuffs.
  7. Has a easy to use mobile app for mobile users.

Advertisements of OLX:

OLX has many funny and entertaining ads which they telecast on television. People really like those ads and some are too funny that people make jokes about them. There are ads which made the term “Sab Kuch Bech do” very popular and this gave much popularity to the site. You can watch the below ad you’ve not yet watched any of the ads.

You can also stay connected to OLX youtube channel.

So I must say that if you’ve something to buy this week or sell some of your old stuffs in the store room then be sure to try And if you’ve already have any experiences then do share it with us via comments.
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