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Are we Accepting Advertisement on

Yes we are.

Do we have Sponsored Post and Product Reviews Service?

Yes we offer both services on We write honest product reviews for our readers so, as product owner you can not buy only a Positive review of product. Though Sponsored posts will go live on as is basis.

Whats the Price of Advertisements We Offer?

The advertisement price depends on the kind of advertisement. Currently we are accepting only Sponsored post and Banner ads.

Banner Ads:

Header Large: 728x90
Position: Next to Techij logo
Device: Only for Desktop Users.
Price: $25 USD per month (Fixed)

Sidebar Rectangle: 300x250
Position: In Sidebar top first slot below Social Icons Strip.
Device: All
Number of Slots: 2
Price: $25 USD per month (Fixed)

Sponsored Post:

Sponsored post will be treated as a normal post (will get a share on Social profiles, will go to email subscribers, and accessible via RSS feed also).
Price: $60 USD per post (negotiable and, varies with post quality and number of outgoing links)

Content We Do Not Accept:

We do not promote and accept spun, copied, Adult, Abusive and Casino related Content.

Techij Domain Stats:

Domain Age: 1 year (registered on 22nd March 2013)
Google's Page Rank: 4

Techij Traffic Stats:

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Techij Social Stats:

Google+ | URL: Plus: 375
Facebook | URL: Likes: 160
Twitter | URL: Followers: 4080

Testimonials / Feedback

Solaborate: Be Where Tech Really Matters

"Your Publication led to an increased number of visits and to new users coming to try out our platform. We Really appreciate this!"
Labinot Bytyqi
Founder & CEO

Kusa Shoes - Grass Flip Flops

"KUSA's entire brand story have been driven by the net. Promotion and marketing no longer need to use traditional channels. Social media and the Blogosphere has been the key to our success over the last 2 years. Techij far surpasses the average site in both content and delivery"
-Yashin Radhakrishnan
MD Kusa Shoes


"Techij is a great source for app and customer electronic reviews and the latest in technology. Thank you for taking the time to review our mobile app, Everypost, and sharing with your followers!"
Fernando Cuscuela
Co-founder & CEO

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