Saturday 3 December 2011

Cherish Peace

This world is a very unsubstantial, fiery place. There is pain and grief restlessness and unease.
The history of mankind is replete with pain and misery. Disturbed and troubled man is constantly in search of real happiness and peace of mind. Where lies this peace? Where can we find it?
Some believe that real peace lies in
natural beauty. Natural beauty has soothing effects on the human mind. In tranquil, serene places of natural beauty, there is peace for us. Our mind feels relaxed and comforted. Fortunate are those who have been blessed with happiness and peace. It seems that in this life, which is a blend of tears and laughter- success and failure- peace of mind is rare to find. Does peace lie in the selfless service of mankind? In making sacrifices for others? Do human mind and soul find peace in sharing other’s problem? Or this peace lies in religion? These are puzzling questions which are difficult to answer, which man has not yet solved.
Some believe that peace lies in honesty and integrity, in good and high moral character. Some claim that peace lies in living a life upright. It is not enough to live an outwardly virtuous life. We should not allow evil to creep into our minds and dwell secretly in our hearts.
A peaceful life means a life without grumble and complaint against fate and destiny. We should be thankful to GOD for what He has given to us. To whim over our troubles and consider ourselves to be of no worth and use can never bring us peace. Troubles and trials are a part of this game called life. If we have courage to go through problems and difficulties which come in our way in this life, we will surely reach the land of peace and comfort, where there will be joy and happiness, love and laughter.
Life is a precious gift of GOD that is only once given. We should not waste it in complaining against what we have not been given. Instead, we should be happy and thankful for whatever we have in our life. We may have our times of real happiness and peace of mind if we are tolerant and patient. Instead of feeling disheartened and depressed, we should try to make the best of our life.
Once, I saw a very strange dream. I found myself sitting under huge, shady trees. I saw that I had everything, money, riches, comforts and luxuries of life- but no peace of mind! When I woke up, I felt moisture on my face. Why I saw such an unpleasant dream, I could not understand, maybe there were signs for me to learn that peace of mind is not in worldly comforts and luxuries.
Then, where shall we find this peace of mind? And I found the answer. I solved the enigma! I understood that I could find peace in wiping others’ tears. I could find peace in making others happy. Loving others and caring for others can bring me peace of mind. Peace is in sharing others’ problems and be of some help to them.
Peace lies within – not in worldly comforts and luxuries. Thus, I say. For a peaceful life and for peace of mind, share and care for others. Sacrifice, instead of expecting from them.
Appreciate and admire others on their success and victory. Congratulate when you come to know that someone has achieved something. Don’t feel jealous and envious of others. Be thankful to GOD for this beautiful gift of life. Cherish every moment of it. Cherish the love we have. Say thanks to HIM for everything HE has given to us- loving parents, caring siblings, sincere friends and considerate relatives. Cherish their love. Enjoy every moment of your life. Cherish- don’t perish these joys and heavenly blessings. And, you will be at peace- peace will be yours!

Hannah Jones

Author & Editor

From Skopje, Macedonia, Also works as Software Quality Assurance.


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