Wednesday 25 January 2012

DPS Students Awarded at Nature Carnival

Dawood Public School

Students of dawood public school (DPS) received several prizes at WWW-PAKISTAN’s Traveling nature Carnival 2012.
A statement on Monday said that the jury awarded overall second position to dawood Public school in the level 2 “Water Conservation-A green Idea” while DPS also managed to get the 2nd prize in level 3 “ SOLID WASTE MANAGEMENT PROJECT-recycyle, resuse and reduce.”
Dawood Public school also received a prize for
being the Green School with second highest registrations.
The school participated in the six levels that were designated by the WWF, each one depiciting a separate aspect of nature asfolows, Habitat Conservation of Endangered Species, Water conservation, solid waste management, energy conservation- Alternate ebergy, tourism VS Ecotourism and Documentary( Industrial Pollution- Solid Waste Management)
The level two3-D displayed by DPS students on ‘Water Conservation- A green Idea” was judged to be the second best in the category and was awarded second prize.

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