Sunday 22 January 2012

New Drone Helicopter After Drones

It Contains 1.8 Giga Pixel Camera
New Drone Helicopter After Drones
Contains 1.8 Giga Pixel Camera    
Drones or without pilot Planes will always remains in headlines of all over world including Pakistan, and atleast these headlines are not be pleasant for Pakistan. American Army claim that they prepair or make a Drone on manner or basis of Helicopters, which is dressed or ready witha 1.8 Giga Pixel camera. According to US army, with three different sensible sensors this drone will starts its operation in May or June 202 in Afghanistan, and this news is also not good for this region specially Pakistan because CIA Drone War Fair is mostly limited to Pakistan Tribes area.

The American Company BOEING has created this Drone.  A160 hummingBird system is also fixed in it, which can cause it to fly like a helicopter and it not need any runway, and it can also have an ability to hanging in air like a helicopter, which was not present in other Drones. In starting of this year its Test Flying will be done at Aerozona, and after that it was sent toward east-west. And for watching and for beholding it contains a Argus-IS's system, which contain 1.8 Giga Pixel camera, which provides Real Time Video Streaming at a rate of 10 frames per second. Means if you have 2 mega Pixel camera in your mobile phone, then its 900 times stronger than your mobile phone camera.

According to Army, this Drone have an ability of watching of people and cars with in area of 65 Kilometers through a height of 20,000 feets. And now US Defence Advance Research Project Agency and British BAE system working on its night Vision capability, and after this it can also be able to do operation at night.

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