Thursday 9 February 2012

Ice Cream | Dromedary's Milk Vs Cow's Milk

Dromedary ( a female camel) milk is less fatable than the cow's milk means the quantity of saturated fats is lesser in dromedary's milk. As comparison of dromedary's and cow's milk, the dromedary's milk contains almost 10 times more Iron and 5 times more vitamin B than cow's milk, and its high density and light texture helps more to make yummy and tasteful ice cream.

And in middle east dromedary's milk ice cream is too famous, and now its also available in British but it is expensive, and its little scoop price is 4 pounds but it is also never be a costly deal for your health because it's health related benefits are many, and the main is that it control the level of sugar in blood. It contain immunoglobulins which are antibodies such like in mother's milk and helps to keep strong your self defense system. An ice cream which was made by dromedary's milk contains almost 2-5% of fat and in cows milk ice cream it is 6-9%. And as compare to cows milk vitamin C is 2 times more in Dromedary's milk which is supposed to be a strong anti-oxidant. 

Hannah Jones

Author & Editor

From Skopje, Macedonia, Also works as Software Quality Assurance.


  1. I think cow milk is more nutritious and that should be prepared. However with facts you demonstrated i am sure anybody can adopt Dromedary's milk, IS the taste same?
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    1. no..taste is not same...and in taste of pure milk i found cow's milk more tasty then dromedary's.

  2. Looks interesting- @kingU, Have you ever taste female camel milk? if it's smell good i think there is no harm to use it on daily basis.

  3. try to use milk from soybean juice, its low fat and high protein & vitamin inside. its hear so funny but its very nice choice if u wanna makes ice cream with low fat.

  4. Looks pretty interesting I like the idea of extra vitamins in it. Id be curious to see if it really tastes the same.

  5. I agree that this will be an interesting wayy ti stick on our diet. Thanks so much for its product review.

  6. I never ever tried or tasted dromedary milk. But I agree that they have got very rich iron. Regarding taste I'm not sure and I would love to try and talk about taste.

  7. It`s very important to have a healthy life :)