Wednesday 8 February 2012

New Scanners | Can See Under Clothing | By American Police

Image by Infrared New Scanner 
American police made such a Body Scanner which can look under clothing and able to see who carrying guns and weapons by using Infrared technology, means police officers don’t need further physical
search. InfraRed rays works as a natural energy, and if anybody carrying weapons then it easily detect it, and police easily able to know the exact location of  weapon, even by using this camera jackets of suicide attackers also be detectable.

The range of this scanner is three to four feet which is short but according to Kelly ( American Police Officer) that they are working on its range and soon they improve it to scan people from of distance of almost 25 meters away. This scanner will be mounted on top of police cars, and it continuously emit rays, and give a image on screen, and by using this image police officers can detect who have weapons. But one of the main disadvantage of this scanner is that by using it people privacy is been affected which can cause ethical issues.

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Image of InfraRed New Scanner in Urdu

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