Saturday 3 March 2012

Amazing Glasses For Blind People | A New Device

A new highly amazing device is been created which acts as a ray of hope for blind people. Basically by using this device blind people can also be able to see images, not clearly like us but easily to understand the image. This device basically send sound waves to the CORTEX of a blind person by help of this they can see image.
This device looks like a glasses used in Star Track film. In which they actually convert sight information into an sound. By taking a little training for this device blind people can easily be able to understand that who was in front of him a shape, a thing, people, etc.
This device was best among all devices and tools which are ever been created to help blind people. According to the inventor of this device that this works as an alternative of senses, means a blind person can also felt or perceived which he was seeing. A muscles or nerves which was use for sight, blind people can also use them as normal people. This invention was comes in result of research on neuro science by which researchers know that blind peoples those learn or read by Braille, their same area of brain will be lighting or use as same in normal people.
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Hannah Jones

Author & Editor

From Skopje, Macedonia, Also works as Software Quality Assurance.


  1. I saw this concept invented by the Russians many years ago. 1940's I think, so not a new concept. Sherwood

  2. how can i get these glasses ? any contact information ? anyone plz update me on