Friday 2 March 2012

Are you Also Addict? | Internet Intoxication

May be it is possible that near you and for so many other people Internet Addiction Disorder is not a serious issue but according to experts this will become a  serious problem. Keep in mind that in past experts recognize that wasting time on internet as Symptom and give a name to it of Internet Addiction Disorder.

According to results of research by Chinese experts that Internet Addiction also leave similar effects on human brain as comes in use of Alcohol or other Intoxication drugs, and if somebody disconnect relation between effected person and Internet then the same symptoms will comes, like demand for drugs, annoying, depression, increase heart beat, etc

So if you want to know is you are internet addictor or not then just simply give answers of following questions in YES and NO. Then after questions you will find the answer.

1-      Did your brain surrounded by views related to internet, for example did you thinking about your past internet activity or doing planning for your next online activity?
2-      Did you want to spend more time on internet for getting satisfaction?
3-      Did you already took multiple steps to decrease or stop use of internet time but not getting success?
4-      Did you feel annoying when you are not using internet?
5-      Did you spend more time on internet which you was estimated before login?
6-      Did you have any shock of deprivation related to your any important relation, related to job or education?
7-      Did you tell lie to your doctor, family member or any person regarding to use of internet?
8-      Did you use internet for getting escape from your problems or negative mood like depression, sensitivity, sense of sin, etc?

If you give atleast five answers in YES of above questions that means you also hunted by INTERNET ADDICTION or INTOXICATION.

Hannah Jones

Author & Editor

From Skopje, Macedonia, Also works as Software Quality Assurance.


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  2. I think I am an addict, and I love it! But I don't want my children to be addicted to the Internet not unless they have the capacity to control themselves. By the way, I like the picture on your blog. This is a great post!

  3. yes i am addicted.. by the way admin article was suppeerbb !! i really like it.. and thanks alot for this.. i'm your regular reader.