Friday 30 March 2012

Voice Jammer | Stop Anybody From Talking | DELAYED AUDITORY Feedback

Voice Jammer Stop Anybody From Talking DELAYED AUDITORY Feedback
No ones can make helpful technology for husbands, they remain helpless non-combatants, but now a new technology comes to stop from talking. Basically human Brain not likes voice retreat, and this device work on this behavior. How voice jammer device works,
when someone starts talking, then this gun will send same words towards the sender and that person (sender) become surprised or confused after hearing his own words and stops talking. Scientists invent this device as a best for stops someone’s from speaking.
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 This device was invented by Japanese scientists. And this gun like device name is SPEECH JAMMER. If students were making noise in a classroom, the by using speech jammer, everybody get receives back his speech and words and then he surprised and stops making noise. Speech jammer fire range is 30 meters and brains freezes such like that it becomes very difficult to talk more. If you want you can use this technology on any person. This speech jammer guns uses microphone to receive speech of any body and within 0.25 seconds it send sound waves towards the same person. This technology also known as DELAYED AUDITORY Feedback. According to Cycatrist, sue of speech jammer gun should create interruption in conversation. Because our brain heard words when they spells from mouth but brains never like to hear them again.
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Interesting thing about using this speech jammer is that it should create stresses on speaker but give did not give him any pain, it just gives an aggressive feeling which tends to stop from talking. And main thing is that it woks more efficiently in such person’s which speaks by reading, in this manner you can save yourself from any boring speech especially from politicians. Outwardly it is a negative side of this speech jammer is to stop peoples from conversation, but in some condition it use become necessary. So what’s your opinion tells us what you think about this technology and in which you use it.

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