Thursday 5 April 2012

How Does CIA SPYING? | Get Know About New Advanced Sources of CIA SPYING

Director of CIA David Petraeus
How sorrow is that, that you TV did yours spying. Basically it is a plan of American secret agency CIA (Central Intelligence Agency). Now for spying use if BUGING device in homes is not necessary, because now such devices are invented which can give all basic information of surrounding like a spy and are present or attached with your mobile phone or laptop, etc. 

According to Director of CIA David Petraeus that there secret agency CIA can check performance of your all devices on internet. And they can also do this by using radio waves from outside of your home. It means that internet, TV and from connected devices you can also be targeted from spying. David Petraeus also said that continuously increase in use of new devices will completely change the system of tracing and spying. Today situation is that that all things from remote control to clock radio everything is control from APPS. A chip maker company ARM (Advanced RISC Machine) recently introduced such a new chip which is cheap and also use less power, and they can be used in fridge, oven to doorbells. In result you get updates on your PC, mobile phone or laptop of their performance, but with you CIA also get access to these information and can read all these information as written in book and they can also control these using remotes.
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They also said that they will change the world of spying using web connected devices. And without any Buging they can track people automatically. By using radio frequency, sensors network, tiny servers, etc. they can get access on secret information and mystery on internet or computer, they can also be able to control them. In his speech in seminar of ARM technology firm he share all this information and company also introducing such a technology which is for such home appliances on which before today no one give attention. For example fridge, oven or bulb etc. This company will give web connection to all these devices using chips. ARM also introduces new processors which can connect anything with internet, and then these devices give their geographical location with their performance to internet. And as like Google map, these devices are also become searchable. These invention also creating privacy problems and privacy groups are also against to these technologies, but now technology is go away out from hands, and now it seems like to be very difficult to stop use of this latest technology.

So what’s your opinion, are you satisfied with this invention? Share your thoughts in form of comments….

Hannah Jones

Author & Editor

From Skopje, Macedonia, Also works as Software Quality Assurance.


  1. Hi..., like your blog. Your info is awesome. CIA is the best spying in the word.always using advanced technology.

  2. In the US they also want to put chips in your body. I'd rather have it in devices such as my light bulbs... 8-)

  3. NICE Blog you have!!! :)

    1. hi... Matt Harvath, yes ... I agree with your opinion. nice blog.

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