Thursday 12 April 2012

What is Behind The Solid Wall? | The New Camera Will See Everything | by MIT

new laser camera which can see behind wallsTo see what is behind the solid wall is everyone’s willed. Now scientist creates such a camera which can see behind the wall and you can see everything behind wall by using this camera. This camera can see simultaneously around in all four directions and can find hidden things.
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This camera is made by Massachusetts Institutes of Technology scientists, and this camera is supposed to be a revolutionary camera. It can give image of people, peoples under rubble, etc in 3D.
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This camera works by using laser technology. First it shoot the high speed beam of laser on any solid thing, and then detect the reflection and time interval of laser occurs because of absorption, and then create image which is almost like a image as you see GHOSTS in films, means this image is transparent, means that you can see behind the picture. The image which was capture by this laser camera is not clear as normal camera and not a colored image, but its image can give sufficient information by which you can easily know that what is behind the solid and opaque wall. According the inventors of this laser camera that this camera is especially helpful in emergency situations, for relief workers, and for law enforcers.
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