Friday 29 June 2012

Best 5 Fitness Apps for Android Smart Phones 2012

Android is the biggest hit in mobile operating system. It is the most used mobile operating system till date. You may be having Android smartphone or tablet with you. If yes, then you must be aware of the fact how huge and wide range of applications does it provide. You can get apps to any category from the official Android app store, Google Play. If you are health conscious then Android has got many apps for you as well. There are many apps relate to health and fitness in the app stores. Choosing the best one is necessary as most apps there are just for wasting your time and don't have any benefit to your health. But choosing the best fitness apps out of the huge app's option is not an easy task.

Well, in fact it was not easy task before you came across this article as in this post I am going to list 5 best Android apps forhealth and fitness. This list is based on the concept, features and user interest. So let's have a look on it.

1. Calorie Counter

Both the concept and features of this game make it to glow at the no.1 position in the best health and fitness app for Android category. This app has got many useful points for your health. This is calorie counter app and keeps track of the calories that you eat daily. Calories are the most common reason for overweight which causes many health related problems. But with this app you can track the amount of calorie you burn daily. Not only this, you can also use this app to check that what perfect calorie amount is for you.  Alerts can also be set in this app to get alert message on your Android's screen whenever you run out of your calorie limit. 

2. Runkeeper 

This is the best app for those who go for jogging daily. Jogging is great way to stay healthy, and this app keeps track that how much you run today, how much calorie you used today. This app is based on Geo Location and makes the best use of GPS feature of your Android to keep you fit and healthy. This app can also suggest you that how much you should run daily and how to stay fit and healthy. This app comes in free and paid version. The free version comes with some annoying ads.

3. Workout Trainer

This is the best app to get the virtual workout trainer. If you want to do some exercise and don't know the procedure to do it then this is the app made for you. This app comes with variety of exercise procedures that you can follow to make the best of any exercise that you daily. Not only this, there are pictures and videos included in this game to provide you better exercise tutorial.

4. Fooducate 

This app works as food assistant for you. You can't stay in touch with doctor to know that what is good and what is not good for you. Fooducate is the app that helps you in this. This app gives you the best info about the right food for you. Before using this app, you need to enter your body stats in this and then all will be done by this app automatically. This is one of the most downloaded apps of the Google Play.

5. iFitness

This app features almost 300 exercises routines and most of them come with videos and pictures to create a perfect exercise tutorial for you. You can get this app free of cost from official app store of Android, 'Google Play'.

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