Monday 2 July 2012

New Computer Celluon evoMouse Technology Review 2012

new Celluon evoMouse Technology Review 2012
Celluon evoMouse Technology Review 2012 model colorIn 1960’s scientists invent the computer mouse and in 1980’s a Ball type mouse new computer mouse comes sold with PC’s, and in 1990’s a new optical mouse is introduced to consumers. Since then nothing much has really changed until now, because the scientist introducing the new latest Celluon evoMouse in 2012. The evolution of the computer mouse, the finger is your pointer, and no more pushing around the mouse. Main feature also includes that the evoMouse works nearly on any flat surface and requires very little space because of its small size. It tracks effortlessly to your comfortable and natural movements. You can perform common house operations using your fingers like, control the cursor, click and select, double click, right click, drag, etc. Also you can navigate using simple gestures like scroll, rotate, zoom, forward, back, use your finger or even a pen to write in your own digital handwriting, and you can even explore your inner artist on paint on digital drawing sheet or in your favorite paint program like Paint or Draw, etc.
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The Celluon evoMouse is easy and convenient to set up and use. It can connect wirelessly via Bluetooth or by using standard USB port with any device like smart phones, tablets, laptops, computers, etc. It works with almost any desktop or laptop computer. The evoMouse changes the way to interact with your computer by allowing you to use natural hand movements and gestures to control your computer. It may can help reduce repetitive stress injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome, and with the optional keypad the evoMouse can even be use as ultraportable full size virtual keyboard.
Celluon evoMouse Technology Review 2012
Celluon evoMouse is truly the evolution of the mouse and its available in each country and its price is also different in each country.

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  1. waw..this is the evolution mouse tecnology..nice share..

  2. Crazy! Those mice are insane. I still use a mouse with a scroll wheel. I need to get out more!