Thursday 16 August 2012

Top 10 Pinterest Board Every Tech Lover Should Follow

Pinterest has so much to show you. The tech lover can find something that is truly interesting and be entertained for hours! If you can’t find something you like, then why not try to give it a go yourself and see what you can come up with.

The most obvious place to start here is to ask ‘what is Pinterest? Pinterest is a virtual pinboard that allows users to share the things that interest them on the web. It is used for a number of things; for social sharing, collecting for hobbies, decorating homes and even planning weddings! The options are fantastic and great for ideas for just about anything. Weddings aside, this article is to explore those boards that the tech lover specifically will be interested in. There are plenty of inspiring boards out there, but here are the top7 that you might find worth taking a look at…

pinterest boards for technology

1. Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal displays the best gadgets and related information to appeal to the tech lover. They manage a number of boards, but for gizmos and the detail theirtech-orientated board is the best one for you and your tech fix needs!

2. The TechMama board

The TechMama board is all about technology and aimed at mothers in the technological world we live in. So, the name speaks for itself really. The content stretches wider that it suggests though so there is a little something for everyone. Helping mothers with thetechnology available to them, it also looks at social media.

3. The Windows board

The Windows board can keep you up to date on the latest products Microsoft has to offer and is a favourite in the listings. This board gives information on services, software and the history of the platform.

It is important no doubt to include one for the beginners to the World Wide Web as well and BMI can help. Read this for more on unlimited mobile broadband. Don’t worry; this one won’t be counted in the 10…

4. The Ideas board

For features galore you can follow the Ideas board. This board is, as it says, full of ideas and jam packed with detail and information on tech ideas and designs. The range goes wide and far so every type of tech lover will find something of interest here.

5. The Gadget Love board

If you, like many tech lovers, have an appreciation for new gadgets and the latesttechnology; you will be in your element with the Gadget Love board. The content consists of, but is not limited to, information about accessories and the components behind smartphones. Geekery gives the user a wide view of technology and gadgets. It explores the things that geeks and tech lovers really want to see with enough detail to keep you entertained.

6. The LittleRedBook board

The LittleRedBook board is great for info graphics covering social media, the business world and, of course, technology. This board has not yet been introduced to a lot of techlovers out there, but should be viewed and appreciated as one of the top 10! For statistics, great content and something that is also nice to look at; this one is a great choice. An alternative to this is Infographics which follows suit. This board brings you information on the tech industry, social media and SEO.


CNET is well known to the geeks out there and tech lovers alike. For tech reviews, rumours, tips and downloads galore, this is an excellent board. You can find out information about how to download software and even visit their site to do so.

8. The Future

For a futuristic view on technology and the very latest gadgets, The Future is Here is for you. This board is full of information on the gadgets in development and the detail behind them.

If these are not jumping out at you, then the great thing about Pinterest is that you can always create your own board. Pinterest is not open to everyone in this sense so you will have to request an invite to join, but why not? If you're not that impressed with what you see, then see if you can make something to be beaten and bring your own board to the table to display the things that interest you.

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  1. These are interesting profiles. I am new to Pinterest and still learning how to maximize its usage. Thanks for sharing this.