Thursday 16 August 2012

The Great Android Re-Branding: Is Google Play the New iTunes?

Google knows what it is doing and has made a good move merging all media sources into one for Android users. They are not quite on the same brand recognition level as iTunes, but have certainly made a small step closer.

Google Play is the recently re-branded Android Market and is causing a bit of a stir. There is a lot of attention on the marketplace right now and speculation as to whetherGoogle Play is moving in to become the new iTunes. Google Play brings the user apps, movies, books, music and games galore along with loads of reviews, ratings and top choice lists. The store has over 450,000 apps and games alone and is the place to be forAndroid users.

Although there were some negative thoughts to begin with; Google Play is looking to be a very good move for the brand overall. Google initially announced the merge and the name change via their blog and played it down a bit considering what has come of it. This is now the one stop shop for all Google Play movies, books and music which simplifies the process for the user dramatically and brings the brand on par with iTunesin that sense at least.

Google Play is simple and easy to use making it easy for Android users to now find everything they need in just the one place. Not much else has changed really except the fact that all types of media and downloads have merged together.

There are a lot of users that are wondering why Google have chosen to do this now considering the Android Market was happily trading for over three years. It was a risky move for sure, changing the way in which Android users make the most of their devices mid-hype. It has been suggested that Android already had marketing problems; is that the answer in itself? People know Google and they trust Google and this is as good a reason as any. The name will bring consumers the recognition and trust aspect before they even begin and so surely they will be more likely to buy...

It is straightforward thinking; yes it was a risky move as the smartphone market is mid-hype, but then the answer is also yes to the point that is makes sense and is a lot easier for users if everything is available in one place. They are yet to achieve the same level of brand recognition as Apple and their iTunes platform, but this is definitely a step in the right direction. Google are making these changes that may not seem that significant to some, but are pushing them forward and ensuring their spot in the future of technology.

Smartphones and tablets are becoming more and more popular with users and are set to become even more main-stream than desktops and laptops in the near future. In keeping with this, Google, Apple and Amazon are looking to get their feet under the table now and so Google making this move now was probably actually better timed than anyone could have guessed. Broadband deals, data usage plans and according to The SIM Only Deals site, there are many different options available on SIMs data plans so users can get more for less. With this, and the availability of Wi-Fi hotspots, more people are being attracted to smartphones and getting themselves connected to wirelessly.

Google have thought about Google Play and the implementation to a great extent and no doubt it is going to be a hit, and even an alternative, moving forward.

The name will appeal to users because, again, they know Google and will feel comfortable trading with them. The timing is perfect with smartphones and tablets looking to move other devices over, and having everything all under one roof just makes sense. Before you know it, users will have forgotten all about the Android Market and will all benefit from using Google Play. They will probably even prefer it...
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