Saturday 4 August 2012

Charge your Mobile Phone without Charger Using T-Shirt

Sometimes it’s very hard especially for outdoor workers to charge their mobile phones battery. So, scientist of South Carolina university of America has invented the method to charge cell phones battery without charger by using a shirt. They invented a process to store electricity in a cheap T-shirt and such type of dresses act as alternative of conventional charger and will be able to charge cell phones and other electronic devices.
Charge your Mobile Phone without Charger Using T-Shirt

Experts are foretelling that sooner in markets foldable Smartphone’s and laptops like page available. So, after coming up foldable/roll able/flexible tech gadgets we must need a flexible type of energy storage. For this purpose Chinese scientists of American university buy a cheap T-shirt from discount store and then dip it in Fluoride solution. Then after drying it is heated at high temperature in absence of oxygen in environment. During this process fiber of cloth converted to Active carbon from cellulose but its flexibility remains.

Charge your Mobile Phone without Charger Using T-Shirt
Researchers use these rags (piece of clothes) as electrodes and show that this material is also can work as a capacitor. Keep in mind that capacitor are those devices which are used to store energy and are available/using in every electronic product which is in market.
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American scientist also give a Nano coating of manganese dioxide layer on each fiber of carbon activated cloth by which efficiency of electrodes increase and they converted into a super capacitor. And there efficiency only reduces 5% after charge and recharging thousands of times.

After this invention it is to be estimated that in future we not only use shirts for covering our body, we also use them as flexible storage for energy and to charge our mobile phones, iPad and other electronic devices.

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