Friday 3 August 2012

WordLens Translator App for Android/iPhone Smartphones

In travelling sometimes it becomes very difficult for tourists to understand the instructions written on boards in local languages, and especially it feels awkward when you are in hotel and menu book was in any strange language. But now, if you have Android or iPhone like Smartphone’s technology, then there will be no problem for you. Because a new app is been made for Smartphone’s by using it a camera will start acting as a translator and translate strange language into your desired or comfortable one.

wordlens app android iphone smartphones

Wordlens first detect the menu/image/text with the help of camera of your Smartphone and then translate it in English. Yet this app is only applicable to detect and translate French, Spanish, and Italian. But in case if menu or text was in Hindi or Greece then you must have to wait for its newer modified version.
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Wordlens has its own dictionary collections, so it not needs any internet connection for working. As Wordlens App was in its initial stages, so its translation will not be grammatically well, but it at least makes some sensible sentences which you can easily understand.

According to one of the inventor of Wordlens application Otay goog that, first it try to understand or detect the word then in second step it check in its own dictionary either it is available or not, then in last it give/shows related translation on screen. And he also said that we are working on it to make it able to detect and translate more languages.
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