Sunday 23 September 2012

Is Fried Microwaved New iPhone 5 Gives Taste of Apple

How about if you get a fried microwaved iPhone 5 in Breakfast? So definitely you surprised. But the reality is that one guy from US tried to cook the new iPhone 5, might me looking for some taste of Apple. 
iphone 5 vs microwave oven

 But the interesting thing in this terrorism attack on this gadget is that it is the latest, trending, listed in highly searched, most rumored Smartphone ever. Now, first move to the images that and try to understand what he did and what happened to Apple’s new iPhone 5 in this cooking incident. 
hot iPhone 5

After unboxing iPhone 5, the guy shifts his new Smartphone into a new box name Microwave oven (Hell Box) and shut the door and turns the system ON. And then with in almost half a minute the phone starts crackling and then after 10 seconds the first flame of fire from the left bottom up. And then almost for a minute just crackling goes on with bit of smoke. 
burning new iPhone 5 flame

Then suddenly the thinnest silver iPhone 5 smartphone catches fire and then after 10 more seconds it starts burning badly with little bursts as something leaked from inside. Then the guy turn off the microwave oven and spray water on fire. 
new black burned iPhone 5

The funniest comment which he passed after opening the door and looking at the burnt smartphone that "Wao, Now its absolutely looking gorgeous. That was now looks likes a hottest iPhone 5 on the market right Now". Lol!
burned iPhone 5

Now, the question comes up why he did that, is he Crazy? It seems that 

 Yup, i think the last point have some weigh. Because this burned iPhone 5 of price $859 is already sold on eBay in US $3,001.00. And it's not over finished here, because after uploading the video it got more than 53k views with in 2 days and also thousand of views on so many other websites. So, anyway its not the bad deal. But the one thing or message which this activity sends to cellular companies that before launching your next smartphone be prepare to see its cooking. 

NoteDO NOT Attempt microwaving Your iPhone 5 (Or any other Gadget) Under Any Circumstance.

Hannah Jones

Author & Editor

From Skopje, Macedonia, Also works as Software Quality Assurance.


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