Wednesday 26 September 2012

Cell Phone Monitoring App | Discovering if Your Child is Taking Legal Drugs

Every responsible parent acknowledges the need to control their children, specially teenagers. Teenagers have a lot of energy, excitement, and adrenaline rush. Due to lack of experience, teenagers tend to cross the fine line between excitement and danger. Most parents nurse parental fears – the use of drugs being the primary one - without knowing the right steps or taking any concrete action. A sure shot way is to get your child a cell phone with a cell phone monitoring app on it.
cell phone monitoring app children drug

Drugs range from stimulants to narcotics. Teenagers use drugs to look ‘cool’, get high, and be socially acceptable. The most dangerous form of drugs is prescription drugs because they are legal, easily accessible within the confines of the home, and least suspected. The drug issue is accompanied with bigger problems like physical violence, threats from a drug seller, or the wrong company. However, the cell phone monitoring app provides you the right tools to track and discover if your child has any drug problems by:

Tracking the physical location of the phone.
Monitoring the calls and messages.
Monitoring the address book on the phone.

You can use the software to find out if your kid is visiting any pharmacy or over-the-counter (OTC) sales stores for drugs. You can check if he is coming home late or remains untraceable during certain hours of the day. Most of the drugs are taken during school time or after school before parents get home. Track the child physically for subtle and clear indications. Drugs are also sold in school buildings where non-users are intimidated by sellers through messages and calls.

While several factors trigger drug usage in teenagers, peer pressure can be singled out as the key factor. Most teenagers use drug to keep in the good side of their classmates. It is actually an example of bad influence of companionship. You can track who are the associates of your kid by inspecting the contact list on the phone and monitoring the calls and the text messages that your child receives.

Teenagers coordinate a lot via short messages and calls. They use code words for legal drugs. For example, they use ‘xbrs’ for Xanax or ‘vic’ for Vicodin. If you hear these street names, you can be sure he is taking legal drugs. Since the cell phone monitoring software logs deleted calls and messages as well, there is hardly any chance that you will miss out the indications.

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  1. I can control my self on the right way and use cell phone wisely ^_^

  2. Awesome article, well i think there was one other software "mobile keylogging" which do this job anonymously, Well thanks for telling me about this.