Friday 26 October 2012

3D Television: Will it Be Forget When 4D is Coming Over?

When the flat LCD televisions were launched, a new era of technology was introduced to both the scientists and the consumers. They knew that things will be changed from then and they have, accordingly. The latest addition in that trail is the 3D television which literally brings home the “live” entertainment and is being improved day by day to offer even more.

The first generation 3D televisions were in the buzz back in the 2009. The manufacturer brands took it as a challenge to incorporate the up-to-the-minute technology to wrap as the centrepiece of a living room. Brands like Sony, Panasonic, Samsung, LG, Toshiba and such introduced 3D-Ready television sets at first. Such sets were mainly 2D ones but as the name suggests, they were absolutely ready to switch to a 3D mode. Then the real 3D TVs came along. Among these models of various brands, there were models which were purely 3D ones; that means one needs glasses all the time to watch those. The second group was the one that most brands focused on, the improved version of 3D-Ready TVs, with switchable modes.
LG 4k 84 inch UHDTV

Investing a lot of money to a 3D enabled TV where they already purchased expensive LCD or LED ones might not have seemed pretty interesting to consumers. That is why, the makers tried to improvise the technology by adding more upgraded and futuristic features to a TV besides its 3D capability. Now, such TVs are called “Smart TV” with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, superb HD picture quality, crystal clear display glasses and many other exciting options. The focus now is to turn the TV to be a precious possession with artistic looks and stunning performance. For the state-of-the-art homes, such TVs can be the heart indeed.

Now after five years of 3D television, we finally see the movement of engineers to better bigger and 4D television. Sony, LG presented their 4D giants on sale in Korea and Toshiba will be the nest to present it in the New Year. It seems like a huge jail break for TV industry, but the price is of course enormous right now.
tv 3d

Every jaw-dropping technology has its pullbacks. The greatest one for the 3D television is the mandatory use of 3D glasses. To many potential consumers, wearing such glasses just to watch something “life-like” was way too exhausting and unnatural. They do not mind using those for a 2-hour movie but putting these on for everyday TV shows seemed a bit too much. Keeping that whine into mind, the tech-gurus at popular brand-labs are trying to develop a fine technology that will provide the 3D effect but require no separate glasses. Samsung and LG have already introduced such TV sets and the others are working hard as well.

To have a perfect 3D TV experience, the channels need to be 3D as well as the sets. Channels like ESPN, Discovery and others are working on their 3D broadcasts and running test transmissions. In Japan, there are channels where 3D shows are being broadcasted 4-5 hours a week in particular channels. So, it is the age of 3D infotainment indeed.
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