Friday 26 October 2012

How to Increase Download Speed

Internet is the fastest and the most easiest way to share files with each other. During the past 15 years Internet has grown rapidly. This is due to Internet that people from all over the World are now connecting and sharing with each other with just one click. If you want to download shared files on the Internet you should have a fast Internet connection and up to date computer. But if you have both if them and still you are facing the slow download speeds,you are not getting the most out of the Internet. Here are some essential tips to increase your download speeds when you are stuck with slow downloads.

increase download speed

Check Your Connection

Before you connect to the Internet and starts downloading something you must see your Internet connection whether it is providing the speed for which you have paid. Being in Pakistan,most of the people can't afford faster Internet connections above 1 MB and they peg down themselves towards 512kbps or 1 MB Internet connection. If you are facing speed problems contact your service provider and ask them to solve the issue as soon as possible. If you think your Internet provider is not taking serious actions against your complain try to change your Internet service provider.

Upgrade Your Internet Connection

I have seen many people still using 256kbps and 512kbps Internet connections. This is one of the reason that you are getting slow downloads. Try to move one step ahead and upgrade your Internet connection at least up to 1Mbps. The more fast Internet connection you have the more download speed you will get.

Close all Data Transfer Programs

You probably know that downloading includes a process of exchanging data in which your computer receives and sends data. By closing all the data transfer programs that you are running with your downloading file will help your computer to handle the download task easily and it will increase your download speed as well.

One File at a Time

If you are on slow Internet connection you must download the most needed file at a time. Do not go for bulk downloads. Downloading one file at a time will help your file downloader and computer to easily transfer the data over the Internet.

Downloading at Different Times

If you are facing slow speed downloads try to download that file at different time. File download speed can slow down if more people are downloading the same file. The more people download the same file the more slow speed you will get. Try it at that time when few people are downloading the same file.

Installing Download Accelerators

There are many Internet download accelerators available on the Internet that can speed up your download. You should download any one of them. IDM(Internet download manager)is the preferred choice of thousands of people. It accelerates your download speed without affecting the programs running in your computer's memory.

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