Wednesday 17 October 2012

New Apple Tv | Latest Cloud Computing Technology

With so many televisions in the market, why would you be interested in Apple TV? Well, if you want the latest cloud computing technology that lets you view your favorite shows anytime, then yes, you do need the Apple TV.
new apple tv

The New Apple TV: On Cloud Nine, Literally?

Apple is undoubtedly one of the biggest manufacturers of electronic gadgets. iPhone, the iPad and the revolutionary iPod from Apple have taken over the electronics goods section of the market. Now come to the other side of it. What is the most ground breaking technology that you have heard of in the last one year when it comes to your computer, smartphone and tablet experience? It is surely the popularity of the cloud technology which brings to you your data from all your devices no matter where you are as long as you are connected to the internet.
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What will you get when you combine these 2 ground-breaking aspects of the digital era? Yes, you get Apple trying its hand at the TV industry, with its launch of the set top box marketed under the name Apple TV that supports cloud computing, cloud accessibility and other similar cloud features to let you view your favorite TV shows.

So what are the benefits of Cloud computing and the Cloud technology that you can start exploiting once Apple TV launches itself with these added functions? Here is a brief preview of the same:

  •  Anytime Access To Your Favorite Movies

One of the biggest gains that you will be enjoying if Apple actually ends up incorporating the cloud technology in their latest Apple TV is the fact that you will have access to your favorite TV shows, serials and movies no matter what time of the day it is. The fact that you will no longer need to worry about missing a show because you have an important meeting or there is some other preoccupation seems to be the biggest advantage that Apple TV will bring to you with its launch of the cloud service.

new apple tv channels
  • Access To Media On Other Devices

Don’t you wish that the movie that you have downloaded on your laptop was available for your viewing on the big screen? Well, with Apple TV and the latest cloud technology that it plans to incorporate will this will become extremely easy and ever possible. You will not only be able to access all the media that is present on your other Apple device you will also be able to access any PC that is running iTunes and is connected to the cloud service by Apple. This way, gone are the days when you need to buy those lengthy and messy cables and wires to connect your devices with your TV for your viewing purposes.
new apple tv ports

new apple tv device
The only obstacle that Apple seems to have run into with its implementation of the Apple TV and the cloud integration of the same is the rights and other legal issues that it needs to sort out with the channels and the other media renting devices that are there. Once these aspects are cleared, you can start enjoying all the benefits!

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