Sunday 21 October 2012

Apple iPhone 5 New Problems | Screen, Date and Time Bugs

With launch of Apples iPhone 5, a number of issues and problems have come front till now including Apple maps problem. The latest problems which some iPhone users facing are Screen Problem, date and time bugs.

Screen Problem

Screen of any cell phone is one of the most sensible and sensation for its user and can cause to make you mood off. Many owners of iPhone 5 reports that the screen starts blinking when you press numbers (like 1, 2, 3) and symbol keys (like ?, ‘,.). This problem is only happens when you are entering password which is linked with your Apple ID. And it is majorly pointed out in those iPhone 5’s which are running on iOS 6.

apple iphone 5 id password

Date and Time Bug

This is another bug which also point out by iPhone 5 customers that on any time of day the time starts passing slowly or change itself, for example time suddenly pulled off by few minutes to few days. Check this one example from Apple Offcial Discussion Page:
iphone 5 date time
iphone 5 date time

In order to solve it people change date and time settings to Manual from Automatic, Reset phones and etc to overcome it, but not getting results. And it is observed that mostly it happens when there is inconsistency between LTE Coverage or Wi-Fi or when the cellphone is at home.

Now, the company takes notice of above listed bugs and looking for solutions, but the truth is that in the race of technology, Apple losing its leading position because of these issues. If you guys also notice any problems in your smartphone, then tell us in comments or send us email with detail so that we can arrange a separate post for it.

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