Saturday 6 October 2012

Test Anemia Using Smartphone Device | HemoGlobe Blood Checker

One of the biggest tragedies with the women’s of developing countries is lack of blood (Anemia) in body, which causes sometime to death.  And the tests which are being used to identify such problems / diseases are usually not available in those countries or not in access of poor peoples. However, students of university of John Hopkins invented a sensor by which a Smartphone convert into a cheaper blood testing device and become able to analyze blood. In Seattle, this device is recently unveiled, which soon will be tested in African Countries.
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In developing countries a shortage of clean water is possible but not of cell phones, and that’s the only reason that the team of John Hopkins use the easily available device to for this kind purpose. They named this device as HemoGlobe, which is consisting on a cheap sensor connected with a Smartphone. The sensor is of same type as use in measurement of Oxygen in blood. It’s one of the end is stick with patient’s figure, after that a light is shined on finger and at the same time it measure the blood color with use of different wavelengths. Different colors show different level of hemoglobin.

hemoglobe anemia smartphone device
Hemoglobin is basically an iron mixed protein which is use by our body to transfer oxygen to all body cells using lungs. The cell phone which is connected with the sensor is work as a display, and tell us using multiple colors that is patient is victim of lack of blood or not, or if yes then of what intensity.

HemoGlobe not only take reading of blood, but it also automatically send results in form of text message to a server which gives the complete information of all Anemia patients in the local.

According to inventors of the device is that the facility of HemoGlobe to each Smartphone will be available at price of 20 USD. And US Agency for International Development and Bill & Melinda Gates foundation also provide partial funds. 

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