Thursday 4 October 2012

New Greenhouse LED Lamp Generate Electricity Using Water | Feature and Price

LED is an abbreviation of Light Emitting Diodes, which are basically tiny bulbs for emitting lights and are being using in multiple of electronic devices. And in case of load shedding or in darkness these LED’s equipped lights keep away darkness. Any you already saw such LED lights which are rechargeable and are use when they require.
greenhouse new led lamp light brine water

However, now Green House Company limited of Japan invent such a LED Light which produces electricity with the help of solution of Salt & water. And it is known as Gh-LED10WBB. Neither it require any Dry cell and nor rechargeable battery instead it only give light when water and Salt is put into it.

How To Generate Electricity Using Brine in GreenHouse LED Lamp:

To use LED Torch you need to make a solution in a water bag of 16 gm Salt and 350 ml water. When this brine poured into battery which contains two electrodes of Magnesium and Carbon an electrolyte process will start to produce electricity, which is approximately of 55lm.

The life of magnesium rod to generate electricity is 120 hours, and after using you can replace it with new one which is available in markets. From such type of electricity not only LED bulbs are glow but also you can run other devices through USB port using cable. The price of it is Greenhouse LED portable light is only 50 USD.

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