Tuesday 2 October 2012

Hi-Call Gloves for Smartphone Users | Features and Price

Don’t want to hold your Smartphone when you are on call, there may be many reasons of it, either you are tired of suing this old style and looking for the new one , or in past you saw or faced accident of slipping of cell phone from your hand when you taking it out from pocket, etc ,etc.  Now, this problem is no more left because one of Italian enterprising firm (Hi-Fun) invents a way to talk using gloves with hand gesture.

hi call gloves man black

How Handphone gloves works? This is simple, what they did is simply take gloves and insert microphone(for transmitting voice) and speaker(for receiving call) inside small finger and thumb, respectively. The thread which is used in gloves is of special type in order to use touchscreen Smartphone's. They use a Bluetooth technology inside them and the buttons available just on wrist side by which you can control the phone calls  and other functions.
hi call gloves smartphone

This product is also named as Hi-Call Man black. The main purpose behind this invention is to provide facility and resolve the issue which usually smartphone users from cold areas face. Because it is very difficult to use touchscreen in freezing temperature with nude hands. But now it is possible by using these warm gloves. There is also battery which is built-in gloves which provide time talk of approximately 20 hours and also rechargeable using Cable (Provided in Box).
handphone smartphone winter gloves

The price of Hi-Fun Hi-call Man Black Gloves is almost 80 US dollars or £50 (British Pounds).

Hannah Jones

Author & Editor

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