Friday 28 September 2012

Facebook Will Launch New Online Gift Sending Service

The world's largest social network Facebook has launched a new service of Gifts sending, which will allow users to send real gifts to real people in real life. 
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Now the social network have a great opportunitybecome a really direct competitor to the largest online retailers such as and eBay. According to the analysts, the new service will allow Facebook to increase its annual revenues at least by $ 872 million. And it is a truly good forecast.

At last for now, the Gifts service will be available for the U.S. residents only. Just because it is a pilot project, Facebook want to test of there will the demand on the service. Facebook’s sending gifts partners are about 100 companies, including such giants as a coffee house chain Starbucks, Magnolia Bakery and confectionery florist Now users have an opportunity to send your friends t-shirts, cakes and stuffed animals, and many other “present” things.

A user whom the gift is intended to will have toprovide a shipping address only. In addition, the person will be able to change the present if he or she wants to. 

Let’s recall that in early August this year the Facebook social network was beginning to test the service of making real postcards from users’ photos. Using the postcard service the user could select any of the published photos, to addsome personal message and send it to a friend to whom the photoarrives in a paper form by mail. However, the attempt has failed.

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After a disastrous IPO thattook place on 18 May, the social network has been sharply criticized by investors who claimed that Facebook cannot find any effective sources of income other than advertising on the site.The capitalization of the social network after the initial placement of the share has collapsed by almost 50%.

Let’s hope the new Facebook service will be made at a high level, it will bring the profit and will become an international one.

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