Sunday 28 October 2012

Ipad Mini | Will it change the gaming world

Apple has recently released their latest tablet - iPad Mini, which measures only 7.2 mm thickness and which is 53% lighter than the 4th generation of iPad. But a question still remains - will it really revolutionize the tablets industry? Firstly, let's have a look at what it offers:

Top-Notch Features

The new iPad Mini features the new A5 Processor (which can also be found on iPhone 4S, iPad 2 and iPad 3). This Dual-Core CPU allows for a smooth running of the newest games on the app store, such as Asphalt 7 or The Amazing Spider-Man. The iPad Mini also features an HD front camera and a iSight 5MP camera on the rear. It also supports the new LTE technology, which allows for lightning-fast connectivity on the new 4G networks.
iPad mini new games

Slim and Compact Dimensions

What really impresses about the iPad Mini are its compact dimensions (200mm height x 134.7 mm weight). On top of that, the tablet weighs only 300g, which makes it one of the lightest in its category.

A Huge Selection of Apps

According to Tim Cook, Apple's CEO, as of September this year, the App Store counted as many as 700.000 games and applications, and 275.000 of these are specially created for the iPad. Given the iPad's Mini reduced dimensions, most people will choose it for gaming in the detriment of heavier tablets or laptops. Also, it's nice to know that until now there were over 35 billion downloads from the App Store.

iPad Mini vs Google Nexus 7

During the launch event, Phil Schiller (Apple's marketing vice president) outlined the characteristics of the new tablet as compared to the latest Google Nexus one. iPad Mini is 40g lighter than its rival, and its screen is 49% bigger in portrait mode and 67% bigger in landscape mode, in spite of the fact that the screen size difference is of only 0.9 inches. The iPad's Mini Retina Display makes it ideal for gaming, especially due to the high display resolution (1024x768 pixels) and generous screen (7.9 inches). The battery life is also a big plus for the Mini, since the tablet is expected to last for up to 10 hours straight.

Available in Different Colors and Versions

As it's elder sister, the iPad Mini will benefit from Smart Covers. This way, when buying your tablet your able to choose from 5 different colors: light gray, dark gray, green, pink and azure.

The new table is also available in different versions, which feature distinct memory storage and connectivity features. The cheapest version of the iPad Mini will cost around 329 dollars, and will have only Wi-Fi and 16 GB of internal storage. The price is expected to increase with 100$ for each enhancement (ie more memory, 3G capabilities etc.)
iPad mini new Green Colors

Will this New Tablet Revolutionize the Gaming World ?

The answer is both yes and no. Yes because more people will be tempted to choose a lightweight tablet and the game producers will consider creating more games for this particular category. No because it doesn't come with any technological breakthroughs. Yes, Apple has managed to include a large screen in a slim and compact tablet, which makes it great for gaming, but those that require a powerhouse will still go for the bigger devices.
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