Wednesday 3 October 2012

New Kindle Fire 2 HD Vs iPad Vs Nexus

Kindle is one of the many devices that have intrigued the users with the tablet as well as the typical e-book reader technology. The Amazon name can be regarded as the background for Kindle. The company or business as you may call Amazon had the services sector intact with its name on top of the list for providing online services to users for buying and selling.

new kindle fire hd 2 vs google nexus 7 tablet vs apple ipad 3

After seeing that there was this huge opportunity in the tablet market with the category in the e-book reading, the company launched its first product by then name of kindle fire with many versions and it was a huge success. With this, the company started to make sure it was on top of the list with this gadget as well. Not only had it made sure the device was regarded the best in the Android smart device, but with respect to the accessories for the device.

The Kindle covers UK based are now the famous of all accessories as the UK made products are known for their exceptional quality and features. So has been Amazon able to get their accessories made in their UK stores.

Samsung launched its Nexus in comparison to the Kindle device and Apple made sure the iPads had the features of the iBook reading and downloading as well. 

Kindle VS iPad VS Nexus

Let me highlight what Kindle Fire 2, the newest version of Kindle has, that the Apple iPad or Nexus does not have:

1) Nexus and Kindle may be of more than 7 inches, but iPad mini is now coming in the 7 and below inches format.

2) Kindle is priced to be of 199$ where as iPad mini and the previous iPads exceed 400 $. The price is therefore 3 times more.

3) Kindle is Android based, like Nexus with ice cream sandwich facility, but Kindle has a fast track of actions performed.

4) Kindle has the compatibility features with the iBooks, iTunes and the apps form the Android store. Nexus and Apple iPad are however restricted to their own app stores for that matter.

5) Kindle comes in with two displays and 4 versions of the Kindle Fire 2, the 1280 X 800 and 1024 X 600 with 165 ppi. The iPad has the 7 inches, changing display section with 1280 x 800. This goes true for the Samsung Nexus as well.

6) However, one thing that is good about the display of iPad and the Nexus is that both have anti glare facility, with iPad running over the new Retina Display facility. Kindle does not come with that.

7) Kindle does not come with the external storage facility and all data can be uploaded by using the iBooks and the Android-based cloud servicing. The Samsung tablet and the iPad have external memory storage capacity with the micro SD card slot up to 32GB. They have the cloud servicing enabled as well with no charges.

All you need to know about the latest tablets by such companies will be true as the tablets come out later this year.
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