Thursday 29 November 2012

New Nokia Asha 205 and 206 Smartphones with Dual Sim Features and Cheap Prices

Now Nokia is going to release new smartphones names Asha 205 and Asha 206, with some new some new features like dual sim, Slam, self-portrait voice guider after seeing the great success and demand of Asha series. Nokia basically introduce Asha series to provide access to some latest features of smartphones in an affordable price especially for middle class. And that is the only reason that they got so much popularity and sold 7 million sets only of touch devices of Asha series. Both new devices have attractive features that make them able to stand in category or list of smartphones. All of them are discussed below in detail.

Nokia asha 205 206 smartphones dimensions

Features of Nokia Asha 205

It is equipped with full QWERTY keyboard which is very helpful in using social media sites. For taking photos and making videos it contains VGA rear camera with quality resolution. 

Nokia Asha 205
The new thing which is which is also first ever saw in Asha series is a short key or Hotkey for getting direct access to Facebook. 

Nokia Asha 205 facebook Button
They also offer dual sim capability by which you can use two Sims at the same time. It has 1020 mAh Li-Ion battery which provides talking time of 11 hours with standby of 37 days, but in case of dual sim it decreased and only has 25 days of battery life. Dimension wise it has 2.4 inch QVGA landscape display. 

It carries an internal memory of 10 MB definitely which is not enough. So to overcome memory issue you can increase memory by inserting micro SD card of upto 32 GB. 
Nokia Asha Dual Sim

Currently Asha 205 available in multiple of colors like pink, blue, black, white, orange, etc.

Nokia Asha 205 cool colors

Features of Nokia Asha 206

Asha 206 contain almost same specs as Asha 205, the features which make differ 205 from 206 are it display of same dimension but in portrait mode, 1100 mAh battery which provides standby of 20 days with 20 hours talk time, Asha 206 has 1.3 megapixel camera. 
Nokia Asha 206 pink yellow white blue black colors
It will available in black, white, pink, blue and yellow colors.
Nokia Asha 206
The price of Nokia Asha 205 and 206 is almost $62 USD, which is approximately equals to 3500 Indian Rupee and 6000 Pakistan Rupees, approximately.

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