Wednesday 28 November 2012

5 iOS App Updates You Should Check Out on the iPhone 5

It’s been more than two months since the announcement of the iPhone 5 but app developers are still kind of sluggish about their app updates for the sixth generation iPhone. Jacqui Cheng of Ars Technica noticed that even iOS apps from big companies have not received an iPhone 5 makeover as of late. Companies like Microsoft, BBC, ESPN and Rovio still have black bars above and below their apps running on the iPhone 5. And while this isn’t really something that Apple can control, it’s enough to say that Phone 5 owners (like you, probably) aren’t too happy with this piece of news.
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Well here’s the good news: The App Store got busy last week with new updates for your favorite iPhone apps! From bug fixes to screen stretching, here are the notable app updates that you can now get for your iPhone 5.

1. Spotify – People at Spotify Ltd. have finally revamped their iOS app to look better on the iPhone 5. The free radio app also made improvements on the app’s playlist folders. Apart from that, though, there are very few changes on the app despite the fact that it took two months for them to release an update.

2. Skype – Skype Communications also came in late for the iPhone 5 update storm but we believe it was worth the wait. Aside from the very valuable iPhone 5 support, Skype also got a few bump ups in terms of speed and performance. A few bugs were also fixed and photo sharing was made easier and faster.

3. Facebook – Although Facebook was one of the first few apps to release iPhone 5 support, their new updates released last week are still notable in a way. The app has a brand new design and now allows users to actually tag people in comments, posts or photos. It also has the Share button now, making it easier to share links and photos. However, the reviews about the app are not so good at this point because of the app’s photo sharing capabilities.

4. Twitter – Developers at Twitter Inc. also added a lot of updates on their iOS app including a new search feature. When you do a search on the iPhone Twitter app, you’ll get a stream of photos at the top of the search page and media previews for the rest of the results. The same feature was added on the stream. You can now see all the photos and other media linked on the Tweets that you get.

5. Evernote – It took Evernote some time to release updates too but the updates they did last week were pretty good. It’s now iPhone 5 optimized which means users now have a bigger canvass for their note taking needs. Evernote developers also added new home screen features and have improved the app’s stability. The app now also features a redesigned note list which shows off the content of the notes, card-style.

Sill looking for more app updates? Don’t worry. App developers are doing their best to keep the App Store alive. Whatsapp is said to be releasing an update for their messenger app anytime now, with screenshots of its beta version now leaked across Twitter. Google seems to be really taking their time on their app updates what with their Voice, Translate and YouTube apps still not optimized for the iPhone 5. Developers from YouTube, however, promised their app update is soon to be released although they didn’t give an exact timeframe for it. Well, we hate seeing black bars too, so let’s just wait and see.

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