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Steps to Refill Laser Printer Toner & Cartridges

Different type of printers are available in the market and they vary from one manufacturer to another. Nowadays, people have started using laser printer toner cartridges for their printers. Though they are  expensive, the cost of a printout is very less when compared to other cartridges. Hence these cartridges are quite useful for both personal and business use. 

It is very important to replace a worn out printer cartridge to obtain a perfect printout. There are various ways to refill these laser printer toner cartridges.  

Remanufactured Laser Printer Toner Cartridges

With the advances in technology there are many re-manufactured cartridges available in the market. Remanufactured cartridges are cartridges that have been used, but are remanufactured (recycled) and refilled with ink. These laser toner cartridges that are a bit costly when compared to ordinary cartridges, but are available at low prices when remanufactured. 

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A Toner Refilling Kit

The first important step in the refilling process is to select a valid/proper refilling kit. As there are a variety of laser printer toner cartridges, the method of filling them also differs. A compatible kit makes the refilling process easier. A refilling kit consists of some necessary tools like a screwdriver, standard toners, a small tool to make holes etc.

Here are some simple steps that will help you refill a laser toner cartridge.

General tips to refill a toner:

Step1: Spread out a clean white sheet and place the toner cartridge on it. This helps you to avoid any unnecessary chemical reactions that might arise if the toner spills.

Step2: Cartridges may or may not have a hole for refilling. When there is no hole, make a proper hole to refill it with the help of the tool provided. After making holes with the melting tools, ensure that you close the hole with a strong tape. Avoid making a very large hole as you don't want air to go in. 

Step3: The toner in the cartridge would have become dry. Wipe out the excess toner in the cartridge before refilling it with the new one. 

Step4: Tilt the cartridge in such a way that the hole faces you. Now refill the cartridge carefully, ensuring that the toner doesn't get wasted.

Step5: Close the cartridge with the airtight lid. Fix the cartridge back into the printer making sure it is secured in place.

The cartridge is now ready to give you new prints with a fresh toner. 

The methods of refilling toner cartridges also varies according to the type of the cartridge. 
  • Some printers have a hopper cap on the outside of the toner cartridge. Remove the hopper cap, empty out the old toner and pour the new one. 
  • Some toner cartridges have a plastic cover or screw over the hole. Remove the cover or screws to empty it before you refill. 
  • Some cartridges may not have a hopper cap or a screw. In such cases, you may have to make a hole in the cartridge with the help of the melting tool provided in the kit. Refill the toner and seal it with a tape. 
  • Some printers have toner tubes which are quite easy to refill. You simply have to twist the toner tube, empty it and then refill. 

Remanufactured cartridges help in saving the environment with less consumption of resources and energy. As recycled cartridges are as good as the original ones, users need not worry about the quality of the print. Some remanufactured cartridges are compatible with all types of laser printers.

Care should be taken while refilling a laser toner cartridge. A toner is a nontoxic substance consisting of plastic, iron and a very small amount of pigment. So, refilling a cartridge will not affect your health as long as you don't inhale the contents. It’s safe to refill a cartridge by following the instructions that are provided along with the kit. While following the melt and refill process, it is advisable to refill the toner in a well-ventilated area.

If you are wondering how to select the right laser toner cartridge for your printer, you can purchase them from an online distributor who offers a wide variety of toner cartridges with details of their compatibility with various printers.
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  1. These DIY steps to refill laser printer toner and cartridges are good to follow if one is not aware about refill or have little knowledge as it will save your time and money as well.

  2. I think most of people should consider buying recycled toner cartridges for their printers as they're recycled, less expensive and yes long lasting too.