Tuesday 27 November 2012

Significance of Link diversity in SEO

Link diversity in SEO has never been as essential as it is right now, although it has always been important. We all know links are one of the strongest search engine ranking signals, and we also know the basics about the usage of links as a ranking factor. Well, search engines like Google want to see a good combination of diverse types of backlinks in your link profile in order to determine if those links are real references or not, and I'm here to teach you how to build such a backlink profile and make your sites more favorable in the search engines.

1. Be careful while building that blog network. It shouldn't be your only source of backlinks and your blogs have to be hosted on different IPs using an SEO web hosting solution.

2. Don't be too delighted when you discover a source of good backlinks. You really don't want just that source as part of your backlink profile.

3. Those no-follow links you are ignoring may be more important than you value them to be. A link profile consisting largely of do-follow backlinks is only going to increase the likelihood of algorithm penalties. Don't forget that no-follow links bring traffic too.

4. The next time you get an opportunity or privilege to have your backlink on another website, consider making it an image link. Text links alone might cause more damage than help.

5. Channeling all those backlinks to your homepage alone? You may want to stop now because it doesn't look natural. Don't deprive other pages of links.

6. Backlinks from different domains on lots of different extensions hosted in many different countries are imperative.

7. Just because guest posts are working great for you doesn't mean you should focus on them solely. The same goes for other types of backlinks. Get as many different types of backlinks as you can ( blog comments, articles, press releases, blog roll, forum links, directory links, etc.).
8. Forget using that same anchor text all the time. Add in some "click here", "this site", and relevant words in your anchor texts.

9. Some spam backlinks won't be an impediment to your site's movement up the rankings. After all, spam websites link to all types of websites. Most of your links should be from high quality websites though.

These 9 tips are waiting to be implemented, and those who do that quickly will enjoy better rankings faster and circumvent penalties more easily.
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