Monday 17 December 2012

Twitter Introduce Download Your Tweets Archive Facility

Since from couple of weeks Twitter is continuously introducing different new features definitely to facilitate its users. The recent or latest change which twitter is going to introduce is about downloading of your twitter archive. Means after it release everybody can download his twitter account history including old tweets; either one or all.

you can request a file containing your information, starting with your first tweet. A link will be emailed yo you when the file is ready to be download.

Similar feature is already introduced by Facebook and Google. Facebook announced Download Your Information on 5th October, 2010. According to which, by using their app you can download a copy of all of your stuff in form of zip in which you are involved. The download information includes all of posts which are on your wall, videos, photos and everything belongs to your profile. 

On, 29th June, 2011 Google also introduce same thing with name Google Takeout. By which you are allowed to download an archive of your data from Google Plus profile, stream, contacts and circles, stream, buzz, Picasa Web Albums photos, etc.

Twitters’ step is seems to be late in comparison to other biggest social networks, but this feature will be new for twitter users and fans. The arrival of an option to download twitter archives which includes all of the tweets from their accounts proved to be true the promise of Dick Costolo; Twitter CEO, about this facility availability in this year just few month ago. 

Well yet nothing is officially announced from Twitter, and that’s the reason only few people have access to it. This news is first break by @Psilosophy in his tweet on 16th December 2012; which also explain how you can do it: "Go to Twitter settings. Scroll down to "Your Twitter Archive". Download ALL your tweets. Even your first. DO IT. DO EEEEEET NOW!
Check below video to see How to Download Twitter Archive Complete Tweets

Hannah Jones

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