Thursday 20 December 2012

How to Change Twitter Header Image Like A Timeline

2012 is just near to be end, but Twitter officials making it more better by giving a step by step changes. If you just look 2-3 backs they are number of awesome changes you can see. Like, tool for embedding twitter timeline to your blog or website, release of easy to use twitter app for iPhone, blackberry and iPad, tweetdeck, an email feature to share tweets, etc. The latest features which I found really attractive useful for users are Twitter Photo Filters, new profiles, and facility to download twitter archive (video tutorial).

twitter best header image

New Twitter Profiles are very impressive and very helpful if you are using twitter for business marketing, for seo, personal use, or for social networking. You can also give a professional look by customize your twitter profile by adding or changing background photo, Header image, and by adding your account information on twitter header image which includes; profile photo, Name, username, Bio, Location and Website or blog if any. But the thing which forced me to title this post mentioned above, is that I saw that people are still using profiles with old look, because of unawareness about this feature.

How to Change Twitter Header Image:

Twitter Header's image is pretty look like a Facebook Timeline or Google's cover photo, but it gives a more professional look. So, lets check how to add a twitter header photo.
twitter new header

First of all you just simply need to login/signup to your account. Go to Settings by clicking on Gear Icon on top right of window. Click on Design from left side menu and then tap on Change Header after scrolling down to Customize Your Own section. Then simply choose image for header photo (Dimension recommended 1252*626) which you think is more suitable with your twitter profile.

twitter header image settings

After selection you have an option to crop it by zooming in case of using recommended size or larger. For preview click on Me. If you want to change it, then on your twitter header image in profile view, on hovering a shortcut Edit option starts appearing. Click on it and again you were land to Profile tab with option of change of photo. You can also follow us on Twitter.

twitter header image

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