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How to Restore Your Backup From iCloud to iPad Mini

One of the things that have become relevant to our daily lives is the use of data. It is almost impossible to be in any profession that does not use data in any way. As time goes by, the access of data has been made easier and easier. Conventionally, the data could only be stored and accessed through a computer but the scenario is very different today. For the purposes of this article, we will take an iPad as an example. 

It is made with the same functionality design as a computer but it is lighter and more stylish than the computer. As you use it, it will become important to back it or you will risk losing your data and the functionality of the gadget. The paragraphs below show you how to restore it from the iCloud.

iCloud iPad mini

Step one: Wiping the Device

This is the very first thing that you will need to do to commence the restoration process. Wiping will take the iPad back to the state it was when you took it out of its packing. It is very important for you to confirm that the iPad is backed up to the iCloud system before you wipe it. If you wipe without confirmation, all that was stored on the gadget will be completely lost and you will have to start afresh.

To verify, visit the settings menu of the iPad and you will be able to locate the iCloud options on the left hand side of the settings interface. Once located, select it, open backup storage, and you will be able to see the most recent time the iPad was backed up. If you need to, back it up once again before beginning the wipe.

backup iCloud iPad miniStep two - Deleting all Data

After confirming that the iPad is backed up in the iCloud system, you will be ready for step two, which is simply erasing all data that is on the gadget. This involves erasing the data on the system settings as well. Please note that doing this restores the iPad to the very same state it was in when you bought it. To delete, navigate to the settings menu and select the General Settings that you will see on the left hand side of the menu. 

Once open, scroll down until you come to the option of 'Reset' and from this sub menu, select the option of 'Delete all settings and content'. When complete, the iPad will project the very first screen that you saw after buying it and switching it on. The next thing to do will be setting up the iPad and this is where the restoration comes into full play. The option to restore from a backup system will only be available if you are connected to a Wi-Fi network.

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Step three - The Restoration Process

Once you chose to restore from backup, the screen will project the most recent backups, and in most cases, they will be three or four. If the reason for your deciding to restore the iPad is a particular malfunction, the best thing to do is chose the latest iCloud backup. If this does not help you, you can decide to go to the next most recent backup until you get to the point where your iPad is functioning normally.
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Time factors

The process of restoring the iPad will most probably take some time. This is because it will have to use the Internet connection to download all the settings, data, apps and other contents that you had backed up. With this said it then means that the amount of backed up data will determine how long the whole process takes. If the content is little, the restoration will not take long while the more the content the longer the time needed for the restoration. 

As you restore, the iPad screen will show you the progress of each step and the settings will be the first thing restored. Once the settings are restored, the home screen of the iPad will now be visible and the iPad will now automatically begin downloading the apps you had before until complete.

This is usually the longest part of the restoration process especially if you had many applications on the iPad. In some cases, some difficulties may occur in the restoration process due to one reason or the other but there are options to solve them. How to Backup iCloud or how do i restore a backup from iCloud to iPad mini.

One of the things that may happen is that the iPad may be unable to download a particular application and you can always note what the application is and skip it. Once the rest have been restored, you can visit the app store and download the failed app afresh and you should be okay. Do not be worried when you see little progress during the restoration as the iPad downloads even photos and videos and once it says 'Restoration complete', you will have it the same way it was before wiping it.
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