Thursday 13 December 2012

New Apple iPhone 6 Features and Release Date | Expectations and Rumors

Rumors are now becoming essential part of upcoming latest technologies especially in case when it’s in connection with some big brands or names. But in this I’m not going to spread only rumors that belongs to Apple iPhone 6, I will also share the possible changes that apple might should work on them, and in last the expectations from tech and iPhone lovers.

In September 2012 Apple released iPhone 5, which is their most rumored product. The rumors include everything including its bodymaterial, size of charger, display, color, release date, design, and blah blah! And the detailed examination just after the launch of iPhone 5 amazingly some of the gossips are came true.

Well dimension wise I don't think that Apple will do changing in iPhone 6, because already they changed dimensions by increasing length and decreasing thickness from 9.3mm to 7.6mm, in iPhone 5 in comparison to 4S. Weight wise I don't think any significant change will observe and it would be around 112 ±5 grams. 
As iPhones are still comes with circular home button, so design and feature wise in order to make it more usable they might change its shape in iPhone 6 to oblong or egg shape with both features; touch and press. Oblong shaped button helps to move pages, or highlight apps right or left without touching screen.

new iPhone 6
Samsung and Nokia are using NFC chip (near field communication; wireless technology) in their latest smartphones for data transferring with a lightning speed. NFC chip transmit data from sender to receivers device just via tapping with in fraction of seconds. So, it’s almost confirm that Apples iPhone would be featured with NFC. 

There is no doubt that iPhone 6 should be equipped with much better and high definition camera in comparison to 5S. The reason behind this prospect is that because iPhone 5 8mp and 4S are almost same.
To doubles the performance in comparison to their old generation products, Apple introduces A6 chip. So we can expect A7 chip in iPhone 6 for much better performance, like speed, enhancement in graphics frame rate, and make device more efficient in power consumption. 

The main thing which makes people impatient is to know about the launch date. It's very difficult to assess the release date of iPhone 6 so much early, because before it Apple have to launch it's slightly change fifth generation phone '5S'; which release date is yet not officially announced. So, we can expect iPhone 6 launch in the end months of 2013 or in 2-3 months of 2014.

As a Material Engineer, in last I would like to clear one thing to my readers here, expecting a transparent flexible phone as we saw on different websites as conceptual phones would be a biggest stupidity. Researchers doing great works on graphene to make them able to use in electronic devices but still a lot of work needed in this regard, and it should take at-least 4 years to start their production. And I hope that before launching 6th generation phone Apple checked it multiple times to ensure removal of all problems as in iPhone 5, which will definitely helps to reduce criticism.

Hannah Jones

Author & Editor

From Skopje, Macedonia, Also works as Software Quality Assurance.


  1. I can't grasp it for now. I have a new iPhone 5 and there are rumors swirling that the iPhone 5S is on the bend. Now the iPhone 6... iPhones have a short lifespan it seems.