Thursday 3 January 2013

New Samsung Galaxy S4 With Flexible Screens

 A cold war between the Samsung and Apple is not hidden from anybody. And both big brands working hard on their upcoming products to get a lead on other and definitely also in smartphones market. Now 2013 is just started and it was expected that 2013 can play very important role in clarifying the difference both of them. As it is also expected that in April 2013 Samsung will release new Galaxy S4. And according to some reliable sources it is predicting that a prominent electronic company of South Korea, Samsung is working secretly on their future smartphone of Galaxy series which have a flexible screen. This flexible screen would be unbreakable, and the code name for this project is Project J, which is on the name of Head of Mobile Division of Samsung Jk Shin.
Galaxy flexible screen

Well Apple is not left back and according to news that they also working on their future display technology hopefully that would use in iPhone 6 or in their other products like iPad,etc. to give modernize screen by flexibility. And Apple also gets the patents for bending the glass. 
apple flexible screen patent

As all smartphones are almost similar in appearance so, if Samsung will first introduce Galaxy S4 with flexible screen than they definitely rules market with big margin, and surely a large bump should observe in sale. It is also expecting that Galaxy S4 will features a 13 Mega Pixel camera and a big display with more picture quality because of 441 pixels per inch instead of 306 Pixels/inch as in Galaxy S3.
To make flexible screens with light weight Organic Light Emitting Diodes (OLED) needed to be collect on thin flexible sheet of plastic like Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET). And from long time Samsung is using OLED's in making displays. Well it is confirmed that only that company will Lead the technology World that will introduce change in their products not only by improving conventional features. 

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