Wednesday 2 January 2013

Worlds Largest Dress Made of Millions Golden Spiders Webs

British artisans designed a unique dress which is made from a webs obtained by millions of spiders. This is world’s biggest dress of length 4 meters made by using Spider webs. 

Golden Spider Web Dress

The golden color is a natural fabric obtained from a particular breed of spiders found on mountains of Madagascar Island. It took a long time of five years to collect real silk from webs and for weaving. After getting golden spiders web spiders had been left back in mountains of Madagascar. 
SpiderWeb Dress

Then the obtained thread were merged and transformed to sheet of cloth by using hand-looms. In next most skillful artisan show art by embroidery give it a look of proper dress. This masterpiece is then placed in exhibition and in museums for public. This beautiful dress made from spider silk can be worn as an evening dress, cloak or cape.

Beautiful spider web Dress

Hannah Jones

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