Saturday 5 January 2013

Drupal Tops the Charts | Why?

Drupal has been recently nominated as one of the Best Content Management systems available today. This article is meant to help people see why Drupal happens to be a favourite. It gives a brief description of each important feature explaining its biggest advantages.

So, Drupal has been the favourite of the industry for a few years now. Although there have been a few issues regarding its level of ease pertaining to the development skills required, its outcome has won many hearts and is responsible for putting it on the pedestal where it is currently. 

A lot of debate has been going around regarding the kind of Content management system that Drupal has proven to be. It offers unparalleled flexibility and ranks high amongst people who are very concerned with security issues of a website.

The Winning Features

There are many reasons that are responsible for the popularity of Drupal some of them are:

Clean, Extensible, & Modular Code

There are many high quality modules within Drupal. These modules are responsible for extending the functionality of the core code of Drupal. In fact, with the kind of flexibility offered by Drupal, one can create any kind of module which is absolutely customized to ensure that it can perform any function. All this is possible with Drupal because in its innate format, it keeps the theming layer distinct from the layer of Content and functionality. This is done to ascertain the ease of the visual refresh.

High Performance

I doubt if there is any requirement to even mention this. Drupal is rated really high in terms of performance. It offers built in caching. It can be scalable to multiple servers simultaneously. It can therefore enable in concluding all three tasks that involve databases, caching and web services. The InnoDB is a default function within it.
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Easy integration with 3rd Party Applications 

Third party applications are very important while running any website. I mean, obviously, if you are looking at a site that can house multiple functionality agendas. The kinds of apps supported by Drupal are:
  • SOAP
  • REST
  • JSON
  • And many more

Search Engine Friendly

Everyone in the business on the internet today realises the importance of having a site that is thoroughly optimised for the search engines. In fact, search engines play a make or break kind of role in the whole existence of the site. I mean, what is the purpose of having a great website which is not discoverable? This is where Drupal proves to be of great assistance. It has its standards compliant with HTML/CSS functions. Also, it fully supports Meta Tags and page titles. It also offers Customizable and user friendly URLs. As if this wasn’t enough, it's fully integrated with Google Analytics and has a thorough RDF support.
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Unparalleled Security

Security is a big concern in the online world. With so many full time nefarious element in the sphere of the Drupal element. Drupal wins the cake because it puts security first. It doesn't publish any module with security issues. It offers a superior quality of security for the site. In a manner of speaking Drupal offers the highest form of security that can possibly be offered by a Content Management System.

User Friendliness

Although there have been issues pointing to how difficult the site is to create it is probably to make sure that the end user has a fine time on the site. The Drupal site can be vouched for to be well documented and has a specific focus on the usability parameters of the site. Word processor style of content reading offered by the Drupal site ensures that the user has absolutely no qualms while using the site. Drupal’s image handling is absolutely superior. It is so easy to use that nobody can find anything that feels out of place.
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