Saturday 5 January 2013

World's Largest Gold Ring | Not an Engagement Ring

By seeing beautiful jewelry every woman wants to wear it. But in Dubai; which is always in front line in making luxurious items either cars, dresses, hotels, etc. made such a gold ring which is just to see. You can wear it even you have million dollars to buy it, because it is too big to fit your finger. This is the world largest gold ring with dimension of 2184.4 mm around. So, sorry for those who are willing to gift it as a wedding or engagement ring to their loved ones.
Najmat Taiba World largest Gold Ring wedding engagement

The name of this world’s largest gold ring is Najmat Taiba, and in its manufacturing a total of 21 carats 59 Kg Gold is used. And to increase its elegance 615 pieces of precious stone like Swarovski also used, that increase it weight up to 64 kg.
The price of gold ring Najmat Taiba was only 0.547 Million USD in 2000 when it’s made, but today its price goes up to 3.5 Million USD because of  dramatic increase in gold rate from 275 USD to 1662 USD per ounce since from 2000 to end of 2012.

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