Sunday 17 March 2013

Youtube New Channel Design Layout With Cover Photo | Features is one of the best product of Google. Just couple of days ago Google Rolled out a completely new design for Google Plus profiles with main features like replacement of small timeline with a big banner size cover photo,  introduction of Review Tab, change in Photos Tab, About page, and so much more interesting features. And at the same time is also revealed some stunning changes in News Feed chat box. And recently also introduce a new interface for channels of it users.

youtube channel new design

A YouTube brand new look is rolled out for all devices; PC's, Laptops, Tablets, Smartphones, etc. A new design is also seemed to be inspired from other main stream social networks like Facebook, Twitter, G+, etc. because of cover image appears on top of channel. The other useful features that make header differ from other networks, is the facility to insert a multiple links of different profiles and websites on cover photo bottom line.
One of the main difference in between New and Old layout is the number of columns. A new one has a 3 column layout with the same background as same as of YouTube home page. So, you don't need to have any more worry about how to make YouTube background like a YouTube partners. And that's the only point which I think is one of the biggest factor in giving a fade to profiles elegance. And that is the reason that so many big names yet did not shift to new interface.

No changes are being seen in dashboard design. You can customize channel content and can make it more visible for users by enabling Browse view. After enabling Browse view you will get some more cool features which your viewers will definitely like them. You can make your video as a Channel trailer with attractive title and description, which will starts automatically playing as any your channel non subscriber visits and cheer them to give a subscription. The subscribed viewers will see a slideshow of old videos instead of trailer.
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You can insert content in different categories by distributing in sections like Popular uploads, Recent uploads, All playlists, Likes, Recent posts, Recent activities, Single playlist, Tag either in horizontal row or vertical list view.

In last new Google YouTube Channel design is easy to navigate and user friendly. Some partners have complaints in regards of decrease in revenue and beauty because of this new interface. But I can hope that in future officials surely will do some changes, and release some more new features only for partners.

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