Sunday 14 April 2013

Google Inactive Account Manager | New feature Will Works After Death

Almost no body is prepared to die and, it is being observed that usually only old people are mentally prepared for death, and that's why they submit their property codicil to lawyers. But now, Google released a new tool named as Google Inactive Account Manage (GIAM). By use of this feature everybody can decide and can tell Google what to do with my online account  before unlikely death.
Google Inactive Account Manager

What is Google Inactive Account Manager

It is basically a feature that simply allows you to control your Google Account including products like Gmail, photos, docs, etc. It is complete system likely to Google 2-step Verification System. By using this tool you can select a timeout period and, in case you haven't signed in to your Google account you will get automatic alerts either on mobile number or any other secondary email address. You can select inactivity period as 3,4,6,9 and 12 months/1 year.

The other thing which is quite useful is that if you didn't signed in after getting Alerts and with in timeout period Google will take this situation as worse and will notify yours up to ten selected contacts with your custom message and default footer by GIAM. If you like you can also allow your trusted verified contacts to download your data of several Google services (Google Plus, Blogger, Contacts, Drive, Circle, Stream, Latitude, Mail, Pages, Picassa Web Albums, Profile, reader, Voice and, YouTube.)

Once you Enable inactive account manager the option to delete you will get an option to instruct Google to delete your account and all associated products data once all requested actions have been completed.

How to Use It?

To enable this feature simply go to this link and follow steps with an detail guide.

This tool is also quite useful in case of lost of passwords. You will need to wait bit but after selected time period you will get access to your all data through an other email address.

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