Friday 12 April 2013

New Interesting Wooden Frame Bicycle of Cost $4k | Woody Scorcher

On ring round you would see multiple of bicycles in lots of different designs, colors and features marked by different brands. But is you ever see bicycle with wooden frame? I’m sure that you will say nops because, yet there is misconception that wood is not durable and cannot bear hardships of environment. But recently an American successfully manufactured a bicycle (build in time of three months) which have frame of walnut tree wood.
woody scorcher wooden bike

That American guy did ride of multiple of hours on this wooden bicycle on the roads of America and, proved that it is possible to manufacture wooden bikes. In this bike except chain, rims, grips, paddles, wheels none of any other part is made of metal. On consideration it is cleared that the manufacturer is quite smart and take care in selection of material, design and processes as an engineer are the key secrets behind the success of Woody Scorcher. In order to make frames durable and tough they are steam bent with the reinforcement of Kevlar (aramid) fibers; which are well known because of high strength and modulus. The core reasons behind the selection walnut tree wood is its long lasts time, easy to work, antique appearance, light weight, good strength, etc. In order to avoid and prevent it from degradation process, after removal of moisture by giving temperature frame is varnished with marine spar.
wooden bicycle

According to the manufacturer, woody scorcher is being designed for normal use so, try to avoid one wheeling and jumping. Woody scorcher is not counted in cheap road bikes because its price varies in between $3.5K to $4k with respect to slightly different models.

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