Wednesday 1 May 2013

Solaborate | A New Social Networking Site For Technology Professionals

There are places on the internet where you can present yourself as a technology professional, your company or, your product but, the audience is too diverse and it is hard to be noticed. In most of them you are limited to how much you can say or, you get limitless answers to your questions but never the right one least not without looking for hours. There are places to discuss issues, in places where you can cooperate and share ideas but not on the same site this is where Solaborate comes in. 

What is Solaborate

Solaborate is the one place on the internet dedicated to you as a technology professional, your company, your products and services. Solaborate is a professional social network where you can ask all your questions and find the answers, fast. A social network where you can exchange ideas and expertise with your peers. Connect, socialize and interact with other professionals around the world. 

Features of Solaborate

Solaborate is a new but can be count in list of best social networking sites because of the feature it provides including tools to empower and expand your professional network by creating an ecosystem around you, your products and services. You can share rich media and another files, communicate by instant messaging and video conferencing, as well as collaborate; both internally and externally in real time. Solaborate is the one place that truly link tech professionals and companies together. Enabling you to become more productive and successful. 
Solaborate social media
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How To Join Solaborate

Main stream networks including Google Plus, Facebook and LinkedIn are integrated with Solaborate and, you can use them to join Solaborate after allowing access. Instead of using other social platforms you can also do signup by using your email.
Solaborate signup
Note: Currently Solaborate launched in Beta and not opened for public but, you have an option to join it free in beta by requesting a beta invite. Link

Hannah Jones

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  1. Tried it , and i love it :) very unique