Thursday 2 May 2013

A Free Best Basketball Shoot Game For Android Phones

Today's post is bit different from others in which I'm going to share a game for Android phones which I like the most. Two days ago I have to go on a trip in a village So, then I decided to dig Google Play to get any good app for my Samsung Galaxy S to pass travel time and also to make my journey bit more enjoyable. After few free apps downloading suddenly I saw a Basketball game in a list and then I immediately installed it on my device because of the attachments of some great memories with Basketball.

Basketball Shoot Game
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After Installing I realized that It is quite interesting, addictive game and up to some extent based on  realistic physics. The only main objective in this game is to successfully shoot a ball into a basket. To play you only need to touch screen using finger and to make a suitable projectile in between ball and basket. The position of ball will change with each shoot. Don't know how much total rounds it has, but there are total of 12 backgrounds which repeats in pattern with each round. In each round player have to shoot 10 balls and total of 10 misses are allowed, but you can increase it by taking Clean Shoots (without touch of rim).

There are dozens of locked balls which you to unlock by completing missions like
  • Reach 3rd round without clean shoot
  • Complete 20 Clean Shoot in a game
  • Gain 8000 points on 9th round, etc.
The choice of decreasing projectile dotted line along the round is smart choice to add difficulties. Well I love this game, it is so cool, addictive and a good option to check your shooting aim and skills in basketball game on mobile. You can get it from Google Play.

Hannah Jones

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