Wednesday 22 May 2013

15 Interesting Twitter Facts and Figures

  1. Twitter born on Tuesday, 11th march, 2006
  2. First it name was Twttr which is later changed to the current name by Jack Dorsey
  3. The Famous Twitter's bird name is Larry
  4. Larry is introduced by the British artist Simon Oxsley
  5. Total number of twitter registered accounts are 550 Million
  6. Average number of tweets per day is 500 Million
  7. On average a female user update her account 15 times a day while a men do this practice only 9 times a day
    twitter facts
  8. The record of maximum tweets per second was set in 2010 when in Japan in the first second of new year 6939 tweets were sent
  9. With each second twitter gets 320+ new user accounts
  10. The average tweets length is only 75 character
  11. Only 5% of tweeps generate half of tweets
  12. Teenage Canadian Singer Justin Bieber is on top in list of Most Followed on Twitter with his 39.5 Million followers
  13. 65% users use mobile devices to access twitter accounts
  14. In march 2011 400 employees were behind this famous micro blogging platform
  15. If twitter is country then it would be on 12th position in list of Worlds Biggest Countries with respect to population
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